Weight Loss Secret #1: Brown your chicken with black tea instead of oil. Zero calories
and it really works! I do this all the time.

Weight Loss Secret #2: Eat protein during breakfast. Start off your day the right way.

Weight Loss Secret #3: Break up your food into 5 segments. 3 Main meals and 2 snacks.
This will prevent overeating during Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Weight Loss Secret #4: Stay active while doing mundane things. Are you washing the
dishes? Stand on one foot. Brushing your teeth? Do some waist twists. Keep moving!

Weight Loss Secret #5: Learn what a correct portion looks like. General rule of thumb?
Carbs are about 1/2 cup. Yes… 1/2 cup!!

Weight Loss Secret #6: Have a recipe that works for you? Save it! Either bookmark it on
your computer, print it and throw it in a folder, or cut it out and make your own recipe
book. This will really help you when you are having a crazy day and don’t know what to make
for dinner.

Weight Loss Secret #7: When you go out to eat, choose wisely AND be sure to only eat
half of what is on your plate. You can enjoy the rest tomorrow for lunch. America’s portion
sizes while dining out are as much as 4x the recommended value. CR-AZY!

Weight Loss Secret #8: Make eating dinner a family affair. Turn the TV off. Talk to your
spouse – your kids – your roommates. Be conscious when you eat. Focus on the food.
Distractions are something you do NOT want while eating. I cannot tell you how many
times I’ve caught myself POST-dessert NOT remembering that I actually ATE the
dessert because I was distracted watching TV etc. Laugh all you want – but this is so true
for me!

Weight Loss Secret #9: Park further away from the store. This forces you to walk more
than you normally would.

Weight Loss Secret #10: Fall in love with spices. Healthy food does not have to be bland
food. Have a little fun with fresh herbs and your grilled meals will taste great!

Weight Loss Secret #11: Get the old school mentality of “finish everything on your
plate” OUT OF YOUR HEAD and stop PUSHING it on your kids. When you are full… you
are full. Save the rest or toss it.

Weight Loss Secret #12: Are you a coffee drinker? Stay away from the cream and
lighten up on the sugar! It might take a while to get used to… but you can save over 100
calories a CUP.

Weight Loss Secret #13: How do you feel about green tea? Start getting used to
drinking things without sugar or milk or artificial sweetener if possible.

Weight Loss Secret #14: You have to exercise. You do. You can’t do this with just a diet
change. Don’t have the money to join a gym? It’s ok – go for a brisk walk before work,
during lunch or after work. Bring the kids along if you have any.

Weight Loss Secret #15: Looking for a crunchy snack? Grab a pickle! Not a sweetened
pickle – a regular pickle. In fact – go for anything pickled!

Weight Loss Secret #16: Think about why you are eating. Are you hungry? Are you sad?
Are you stressed? Are you eating because it’s right there in front of you? Get down to the
ROOT of your decision and take it from there.

Weight Loss Secret #17: Stay away from temptation. Know your limits and respect them.
Don’t bring home those chips if you know that you can’t help yourself. Food SPEAKS TO
ME and I cannot resist when they start calling my name. So… I just don’t bring it in.

Weight Loss Secret #18: Friday night pizza? That’s ok – make sure you take a napkin and
blot the excess oil. Or if you do low carb– eat the toppings on;y and have a salad with it —
have been doing this for years!!

Weight Loss Secret #19: Eat at home. Stop ordering in. Stop going out. Start cooking
meals for you and your family. Take complete control back! Don’t tell me you can’t do it –
there are pressure cookers and crock pots that can ease this burden.
Plan ahead and it will all work out. There are websites out there that teach you how to
freeze portions, cook for the entire week on a Sunday – etc. Google it
Weight Loss Secret #20: Be sure to eat breakfast every single day. This took a while for
me to get used to but this morning meal jumpstarts your metabolism. You need to eat…
even if it’s just a Greek yogurt and a small apple.

Weight Loss Secret #21: Afraid of the gym? Think you can’t handle the machines yet?
Not much of a walker? What about yoga? Any movement …just do it– I am getting back to
working out– not consistent yet but it is coming……

Weight Loss Secret #22: Get enough sleep people! You won’t make healthy decisions if
you are exhausted and over-run.Remember, when you can be sure to grab a few zzzzzs.
And 8 hours at night is a MUST.

Weight Loss Secret #23: Remember this is a marathon not a sprint!! You gained the
weight over years and years. You will not get down to your goal weight in one month. TAKE

Think of how long it took to gain the weight and give yourself at least that amount of time
to lose — maybe more since gaining is so much easier than losing!! Just take one day at a
time…baby steps– focus on today and make sure you make healthy choices this day…– one
day at a time!

Weight Loss Secret #24: No FAD DIETS! Please don’t get down with anything that
sounds too good to be true. Please do NOT eliminate any of the main food groups. This is
LIFE. This is a life change. This is NOT a diet. I hate that word. I really do. Cut the
processed foods and focus on real food and the weight will start to come off.

Weight Loss Secret #25: This is the HARDEST ONE – are you ready?? Get the people
that are in your life on board with the new you. You are only setting yourself up for failure
if you are married to someone who loves fried chicken and fast food and has no intention
of changing their eating habits. Your environment needs to change. Your surroundings will
either make this really easy or really hard.Ask your family not to bring the foods home
that are the issue for you– the ones you know are not going to help you lose but make you
gain. Get support from everyone around you!! We are here all day everyday

Weight Loss Secret #26: Set a goal… but make it realistic! And don’t make a LONG TERM
GOAL. Make short and OBTAINABLE goals. So what does that mean? Depending on how
heavy you are – it could be just a few pounds a month. Maybe a pound or two lost a week at
MOST. Don’t get yourself CRAZY. If you set yourself up to fail… YOU WILL FAIL.

Weight Loss Secret #27: 90% of healthy eating is all about preparation. Have the right
food in your pantry. Have your recipes in place. Have your snacks pre-portioned out. If it
isn’t easy and readily available… you aren’t going to eat it.

Weight Loss Secret #28: Last one — it’s ok to cheat. Even me being a nutritionist, I have
also been a lifelong dieter who has researched. experimented…and done about all you can
to lose and FINALLY at the age of 44 know my body!!!. …. I know what it means to lose
weight. I know what it means to take it slow and steady. I know how hard it is to resist
your favorites and I combat this by giving myself some cheat days. I need to have a ice
cream once in a while. I need to have chicken nachos with cheese once in a while. It’s life.

There’s no end point. There’s not a moment where I’m going to STOP wanting to keep my
figure. But I also KNOW that there will be days where I have to just let go. Parties,
vacations, special occasions — LIFE. The point is to really take care of yourself on those
average days. The average decisions that you make represent the MAJORITY of your life.
So what you had a piece of birthday cake on your big day??? SO WHAT? But the next
day… you better get back on that horse!
You got this!! ďż˝