Habits are formed when actions are tied to a trigger by consistent repetition so that when the trigger happens, you have an automatic urge to carry out the action.

For example:

When you wake up (trigger), you go have a shower (habit). 

When you get to work (trigger), you grab a coffee (habit). 

When you get stressed (trigger), you eat junk food (habit).

Everyday we, and of course our clients, go through this constant state of triggers followed by habits, and they happen without us even noticing. 

So how do these habits form?

Through constant repetition over and over.

At first they were conscious efforts but with time they became more automatic and less conscious. 

There is a feedback loop that encouraged us to repeat the habit for a good length of time.

Other example if you feel stressed and eat junk food, you might feel short term pleasure or satisfaction (positive feedback).

But if you’re stressed and stop yourself from eating the junk, you might remain stressed (negative feedback).

The body likes to take the path of least resistance, so it will consistently aim for the positive feedback, causing us to repeatedly carry out an action when the trigger occurs.

This is why improving  diet or exercise routine consistently proves so difficult for many of people.

Get that “Ah-ha” feeling yet?

Then check this…

If a ‘healthy diet’ is boring and bland, then it’s unpleasant to follow (negative feedback), so when its given up and you eat your favorite foods again,  you enjoy it (positive feedback).

And if you currently feel like this around ANY of the changes you are making towards an improved diet or lifestyle then this feedback loop is set up to normally ensure you don’t stick to those changes for very long.

But thats not how I coach my clients.

So let’s sort you out with a better approach, shall we….

I’ve spent over 15 years developing, testing & optimizing the most complete, proven and easy-to-follow program for achieving incredible client results through effective lifestyle coaching strategies.

My signature Love Your Body Coaching VIP program makes amazing transformations feel natural and effortless by focusing on one change at a time. 

Basically, I ask clients to make changes more slowly. Baby steps.

Let’s put it even more simple…..

We tend do things way too fast , too quickly and then we get burnt out and give up.

You do things in a more slow, giving time frame, you will have success.

You didn’t gain a, habit over night, you can lose it overnight. You didn’t gain weight overnight, you can’t lose it overnight.

These changes need to be stretch out and you need to take your time, focusing on one thing at a time, to make it stick.

Are you ready to make these changes stick for the rest of your life? Are you ready to have that long term sustainable lifestyle you have always dream of having?

Well, buckle up and take a seat. Me as your co-pilot, I will get you there. I got your back.

Reach out to me today.