It’s not just what you eat that’s important! The magic of the HOW

How you eat is just as important as what you eat! This is often overlooked yet the key to resolving our issues with food.

If you overeat, stress eat, emotionally eat, obsess over what you eat, obsess over your weight, want to lose weight, or have digestive concerns – mindful eating is a great place to start to get out of your head and connected to your body. 

Mindful eating is bringing mindfulness (non-judgment awareness) to our food choices & eating experience. 

Most people don’t eat mindfully! And that’s okay – totally fine, I’m not the mindful eating police 

BUT if you tend to do any of these:

  • Overeat, stress eat, emotionally eat, or binge eat  
  • Stress about everything you eat 
  • Obsess over your weight
  • Have digestion issues

 Then mindful eating is a great place to start

Here are some basic ways to get started: 

  • Sit down! No stand-up meals, sitting is better for digestion, allows you to relax, pay more attention, be more aware of the eating experience. Do this at the dinner table.
  • Remove distractions – no phone, TV, computer, iPad, working, or anything that will take your mind/eyes away from the meal/eating experience
  • Get present in your body – do some deep breaths, feel into your bodies, let go of worries if only for the meal

Mealtime should be a vacation from your day, a time to relax, enjoy and tune into your meal and truly nourish yourself.