You’re being called to use all of the tools you can to stay peaceful, healthy, and happy. So, it’s essential that you DO take time each day for self-care. When seems that the day is too busy, and your motivation is too low for self-care, here are some methods which work:

  1. Each morning as you’re waking up, think of one self-care action you want to take that day. Make it something that you enjoy and will look forward to. Your motivation is higher if it’s an activity you want to do. Also, choose an activity that’s realistic and achievable in terms of your time schedule and financial budget.
  2. Make this activity a non-optional plan for your day. Put it in the same category as other non-optionals, such as brushing your teeth, getting dressed, or combing your hair. When you decide that your self-care activity is a must, you’re less likely to shuffle it to the bottom of your priority list for the day.
  3. Self-care doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Few of us have hours of extra time in the day. It’s more realistic to think about something good you can do for yourself that takes 20 minutes, such as soaking in a warm bath with sea salts, essential oil, and candles; doing a gentle yoga session at home with a YouTube class; taking a nap; gardening; and so forth.

Highly successful people practice the principle of daily self-care. They enjoy what they do and embrace joy in their lives. They find exciting ways to fulfill their commitments, keeping their energy and motivation high. 
If you don’t reward yourself, you begin to resent your job, and this can be a further obstacle to your healing. If you aren’t finding pleasure in what you do, then change it. Begin by using affirmations to create a reality that you will enjoy. Affirmations are positive statements in the present tense that you repeat to yourself in order to manifest a desired outcome. 

To affirm your desires and dreams, try saying: 

“My life fulfills me in all ways.”

“Each moment brings me greater joy.”

“I am open to receiving all good; this allows me to give to others more freely.”

“My career/work/business is deeply fulfilling and rewarding.”

“Every day is a new opportunity to experience love.”

Repeating affirmations to yourself during your daily activities will help bring your focus back to your goals. With continual repetition, your subconscious begins to believe your affirmations; then you are in a position to start taking steps to make the statements true. 

If you spend the majority of your day at a job, you need to enjoy it. By loving what you do, you no longer feel like you’re working. Instead, you’re getting paid to play and have fun. This approach brings you the perspective you need on your path toward comfort and joy.

I take charge of my life and turn up the intensity of goodness. I set my dials on harmony, abundance, perfect health, loving relationships, wonderful opportunities, and everything else that my heart desires. I follow my guidance and keep my arms open to receive.